Say Hello to Our Little Sister, Laffa Mediterranean Kitchen

This past week has been full of excitement as we announced a new member to our portfolio: Laffa Mediterranean Kitchen. Just three doors down from our My Ceviche location in Brickell, we’re excited to continue to be a part of the growing neighborhood!

Laffa Mediterranean Kitchen is named after the bread of the same name that is a staple in Middle Eastern culture. A larger and pillowy version of pita bread, laffa can be used for dipping into favorites like hummus or wrapping up tasty falafel and meats. Without even stepping foot in the location, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting yourself into!

Bringing together flavors from the Mediterranean, you’ll have the option of eating a delicious, healthful meal in the $8-$12 range. The menu will be formatted in a build-your-own fashion, allowing you to choose exactly what you want (think a Mediterranean Chipotle). Choices will include all-natural ingredients and proteins. In traditional My Ceviche fashion, customers will have the option of adding housemade sauces to their meals, ranging from mild to hot, at a sauce station, and trust us, you’ll get just as addicted as you are to our lime roasted jalapeño mayo.

We’re keeping the menu a secret for now, but you can be sure that Chef Sam has something great up his sleeve. His great grandparents were born in Syria, in fact, so he grew up eating all this food… now, he’ll just be cooking it for us!

We’re looking to open Laffa at some point in April 2015, so keep your eyes peeled so we can fill you up, either in the restaurant or in the comfort of your own home.

Follow Laffa on Instagram and Twitter (@laffakitchen) and become a fan on Facebook!

Sam Gorenstein, Chef Partner for Wusthof Knives

It’s been nearly a year since our very own chef Sam Gorenstein was tapped by famed knife manufacturer Wüsthof to be one of their chef partners. Sam, who’s been wielding knives in the kitchen since a tender age, excitedly accepted the opportunity and was deemed the Nätural.

In December 2013, Sam flew up to New York City for a photo shoot (check out the awesome image above), where he met a couple of the fellow chefs whose talents had also been recognized: Clayton Chapman from Omaha, NE and Ann Kim from Minneapolis, MN. A day of photos was all that was needed, and suddenly, Sam’s face was plastered on a billboard in Times Square, published in the New York Times, and run in the print magazine Lucky Peach.

Throughout the months, Sam has also been submitting incredible recipes to be published over at the Defining the Edge website. Plus, there are incredible videos that will show you just how easy it is to make ceviche! Be sure to check it out and test out some of Sam’s favorite recipes.

Supporting the Arts, One Ceviche at a Time

On Saturday, January 17 and Sunday, January 18, the My Ceviche crew was selling ceviche and stone crabs to patrons of the Beaux Arts Festival at the University of Miami. This two-day juried show is consistently ranked as one of the top 200 fine arts shows in the United States. The festival benefits Beaux Arts, which works to promote art in the community and bring patrons to the Lowe Art Museum, located on the University of Miami’s campus. To find out more about the history of Beaux Arts, click here.

Our time on campus allowed us to interact with lots of residents in the South Miami area as well as University of Miami students. We’ve worked with the University of Miami on several projects – all of our blog posts about nutritional data include information collected by University of Miami students, in fact – and have participated in events hosted by University of Miami students, including the Dance Marathon and the launch party for Distraction magazine. We’ve also been hooking up UM students – all students, really – with Student Day (50% off burritos with a valid student ID every Tuesday)!

If you weren’t able to make it to the festival this weekend, be sure to check it out in 2016! There will be plenty of food to be eaten and plenty of art to be admired. And if you can’t wait, just make your way over to the Lowe Art Museum.

How We Love Succulent Stone Crab Claws

Every year on October 15, the entire state of Florida gets extraordinarily excited. Why? Because it’s stone crab season, of course!

If you’ve never had a stone crab, please try one – you can get up to four Selects for $2.50 each on Wednesdays in our Brickell and South Miami locations, so you don’t have to commit to much. And, we promise you’ll that succulent meat dipped in our creamy, dreamy mustard sauce. If you have had a stone crab claw, remember we’ve got never-frozen, straight-from-the-Florida-Keys claws provided to us by our awesome sister company George Stone Crab (check them out here)!

If you’ve noticed lately, we’ve been touting about how healthful our menu options are, and stone crab claws are no exception. Mustard sauce is a different story…

Stone crabs are low in calories and are a good source of protein, so you won’t feel like you’re completely breaking your newly started 2015 diet every time you peel back that shell. Sure, they’ve got some fat content, but it’s all unsaturated fat, and you need that for your brain and body to function properly.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids are abound in stone crab claws, too, and we all know we want to get those natural fatty acids into our diet. According to WebMD, Omega-3s  (1) can lower triglycerides, which otherwise would put you at risk for heart disease; (2) curb stiffness and join pain, taking care of rheumatoid arthritis; (3) lower levels of depression; and (4) may help protect against Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Plus, the levels of copper in stone crabs will help to strengthen your bones, and zinc will keep you from having to deal with breakouts. And, chromium in claws helps those of you with insulin resistance by improving blood sugar levels.

So, not only are these babies delicious, but they’re scrumptious as well. So get cracking!


Above nutritional facts have been provided by students from the University of Miami’s School of Education who are studying Nutrition. Data was compiled and presented with the guidance of faculty advisors.

An Inside Look at Our Asian Ceviche

Our Asian style ceviche is arguably the most underrated ceviche style on our menu. We love it for its flavor, but there are so many more reasons to love it.

When you get your Asian style ceviche, you’ll notice the little heap of seaweed salad. Not only is it tasty but also high in fiber, so your stomach gets filled up and your systems get… er… regulated. Fiber helps digestion and reduces fat absorption, so you can fit into those new jeans you haven’t worn since 2014!

The iodine in seaweed salad is a key component of the hormones of your thyroid too. Why care about your thyroid, you ask? Well, your thyroid plays a key role in energy regulation, so you can get active! Go out there and kayak or take a jog. Seaweed salad will help you with that.

The other little pile of heaven that comes with your Asian style ceviche is mango. The golden flesh of one of our favorite tropical fruits contains enzymes that help you break down proteins, plus it’s packed with Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Mango also contains 25 different kinds of carotenoids, which aid in boosting your immune system, and is high in iron.

Sure, you may be stuck on our Ají Amarillo and Tradicional styles, which have their own awesome health benefits too, but next time try out our Asian style ceviche. We promise you won’t regret it.


Above nutritional facts have been provided by students from the University of Miami’s School of Education who are studying Nutrition. Data was compiled and presented with the guidance of faculty advisors.

Here Comes 2015!

2015 is just around the corner!

With the new year comes My Ceviche’s third anniversary. Can you believe it? We can hardly believe it ourselves! What’s more exciting than our three-year anniversary in March is the future that we see for My Ceviche.

We’ve already announced the opening of three locations in the first few months of 2015 – Coral Gables, Midtown Miami, and Miami International Airport – and we’ve got more up our sleeve. Every day we check out new areas in and outside of South Florida, and we look forward to bringing you all that we have to offer in the upcoming months and years!

But for now, we say goodbye to 2014. Thank you for your continued loyalty and support as we’ve grown our tiny seafood shack in South Beach beyond our wildest dreams. We look forward to seeing you in the new year!

Happy Holidays from The Crew at My Ceviche!

Every year around the holidays, we at My Ceviche like to make sure that our staff gets the time off they deserve for giving us their all throughout the year. A couple of our locations — South Miami and Brickell — close early on Christmas Eve, and all our restaurants are closed on Christmas Day. We want for our staff to spend time with family and friends during this time of year.

Plus, on Christmas Eve, we’re hosting a holiday party for our staff, complete with delicious food (don’t worry, we’re getting outside catering… our staff eats plenty of My Ceviche throughout the week!), mingling, and even a raffle. You’ll see pictures from this fun event on our Instagram!

We hope you enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones. Happy holidays from our “family” to yours!

Welcome to the new My Ceviche website!

After months of planning and testing, we launched a new website in mid-November. We’re particularly excited about this new blog, which we will use to provide you with cool facts and information not only about My Ceviche but also about sustainability, seafood, and events and happenings at My Ceviche!

As this website is a work in progress, we look forward to hearing from you – your likes and dislikes, what you’d like to see more or less of. Any glitches? Send them our way. We will accept any and all criticism and feedback and use it to improve your experience as you navigate around our site!

If you haven’t taken a look around just yet, we want to introduce you to a couple of new features on the site that we’re particularly excited about:

Nutrition Calculator

Finally, you can build your own meal at My Ceviche and find out just how healthy it is! We handed over all our recipes to MenuTrinfo and they did a full analysis of all our ingredients, taking into account everything from brand name spices to cooking times. Our Nutrition Calculator will provide you with all the information you need to know, including calories, fats, carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins. Find this calculator under the Food tab.

Online Ordering

Click that button in the upper right hand corner and it will lead you to our new Online Ordering page. It’s an easy-to-use, customer-friendly ordering host that designed the site just for us. It automatically integrates with our systems at the restaurants, so you’ll know that whatever you enter into the system is exactly what we will deliver to you! There’s even an option to set up group ordering – create a group, send the link to your friends, and each person can decide exactly what they want.

So, take a look around and let us know how we’re doing. We look forward to serving you soon!

Go Fish, Go Fresh.